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Challenging stereotypes.

Redefining strength.

Standing Out.


Gear that dares you to get dirty, sweaty, and to work hard. Whatever your unique passion, Gurley is built to support you striving high! Show pride in your Gurley side with fearless gear!  


Coming Soon!

THE GURLEY BAG - Expected Summer 2017

A backpack built for the modern female. Not your mama's 'girly bag!'


Just like you, the Gurley Bag is strong and durable, made of the highest quality components including a wide-tooth zipper, a reinforced base, padded removable waist belt, high tech material, and more!


This is a no-holds-barred bag. With super light-weight material that wicks moisture and sealed seams, you can be confident in any weather or activity.  The roll-top constructions ensures your things stay safe and dry.


Who says you can't go to school in the morning, ballet in the afternoon, and do an overnight hike in the evening? Not Gurley! Your Gurley Bag is made to zip up small for school books or ballet shoes, or unzip for soccer balls and sleeping bags!

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*Unzipped Option view

Zippers are located on the right and left edges of the pack to transition to a smaller pack when necessary (see details below). Straps or daisy chains allow for attachments to the front of the pack. A removable waist belt makes carrying heavy loads easier. A breathable back, ergonomic straps, and an adjustable chest strap all make this backpack the perfect companion on an outdoor adventure or an all-day sports camp.


The Gurley Bag is made from high quality material that is light weight and water-resistant. The roll top closure keeps your things dry and protected from the elements - whether those elements are pounding rain or little brothers.

*This is a rough draft of the design. Changes are inevitable between now and production. Visit our FB page to offer your opinion!

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*Zippered Option View

The zippers located on the bag's outer edges come together to reduce the size and bulk of the pack. This sleek pack is perfect for school books, laptops, or ballet shoes. The base has built-in folds to allow for easy manipulation of the bag from large to small. By removing the waist belt, the bag has easily transitioned to a day pack or school bag.


The light-weight material helps the bag maintain its sleek shape even when folded and zipped. The gold polyester webbing repels water and keeps the roll-top tight on gusty bike rides or during sibling pillow fights.

*This is a rough draft of the design. Changes are inevitable between now and production. Visit our FB page to offer your opinion!